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We gives your business, a brilliant opportunity to build an efficient staff augmented team.

Invisor gives your business, a brilliant opportunity to build an efficient staff augmented team. You get to employ skilled manpower located at our facility whilst working exclusively for you at a fixed cost. Essentially, you have a remote employee working as an extension to your existing staff and reporting through the existing channels in your business. These employees are certified professionals in their domain of expertise and have full access to our extensive knowledge base. They are fully supported by the infrastructure of our development centers in India & Abroad. The areas of expertise that our augmented employees are currently available for are:

Accounts Payable (AP)

Chief financial officers (CFOs) often deal with challenges in their accounts payable function due to increasing working capital, duplication of invoice records, and payment defaults. Efficient invoice processing helps organizations address these challenges. Invisor's Accounts Payable (AP) Services enhance your invoice processing efficiency by simplifying business processes. We help optimize cash flow and improve days payable outstanding (DPO) through continuous operational enhancements.

  • New account application analysis/approval
  • Existing account review
  • Credit inquiry resolution
  • Sales order management 
  • Customer order processing / cross selling
  • Order/Billing inquiry resolution
  • Customer bill generation and sending of invoices 
  • Customer payment and remittance receipt 
  • Application of payments and remittances
  • Deduction and dispute resolution 
Accounts Receivable (AR)

In this rapidly advancing business environment, chief financial officers (CFOs) need to effectively track their liquidity position and ensure consistent cash flow to meet short term finance requirements for day-to-day operations. Invisor’s Accounts Receivable (AR) Services help manage working capital, optimize days sales outstanding (DSO), and reduce bad debt, leading to improved cash flow.

  • AP processing & inquiry resolution
  • Vendor master file maintenance
  • AP invoice receipt and processing
  • AP payment processing
  • Expense report processing and audit
  • T&E inquiry resolution
  • Freight invoice receipt and payment
Procurement to Pay (P2P)

Procurement Services at Invisor are focused on QCDC (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Compliance) in Indirect Material Procurement area. At invisor, We provide the infrastructure and applications to dynamically assemble the right business, services and partners to serve all customer segments thereby building and strengthening business partner relationships for greater loyalty and liquidity. Invisor brings deep expertise across a wide range of categories and services, using cutting edge tools, technologies, information, and well-integrated processes in executing complex engagements in Indirect Procurement.

  • Vendor master file maintenance
  • AP invoice receipt and processing
  • AP payment processing & inquiry resolution
  • Expense report processing and audit
  • T&E inquiry resolution
  • Freight invoice receipt and payment
Internal Controls & Audit (IC & A)

We provide personalized internal controls and enterprise risk management services for organizations. For over two decades, we have helped clients create and understand complex internal compliance control programs. These programs have been developed using deep industry insights, combined with practical advice.

Our goal : To assist clients in implementing sustainable solutions to maintain an ongoing and effective risk mitigation program.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP & A)

Invisor has several years of experience in providing analytics consulting services across diverse financial services and products to achieve increased revenue, cost optimization, customer satisfaction, proactive risk management, and maximized return on marketing spends. We provide impactful outcomes to our clients across their portfolio segments in the areas of Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, and Capital Markets.

We have helped “Industrialize Analytics” across this industry by providing scale, flexibility, and domain knowledge, thus empowering analytical decision making in all levels of our client organizations.

Records to Reports (R2R)

Invisor takes pride in delivering wide ranges of proactive corporate services to meet the unique requirements of small, medium and large size of businesses. The firm ensures a team of highly qualified and compliant professionals that are efficient, up to date and knowledgeable in their specific areas of interest. The main objective of our accounting services is to reduce the burden and expense of business owners, helping them to focus on core business activities. Our broad ranges of accounting solutions can be customized to the unique needs of clients and the services can be availed on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

  • Journal entry and accrual processing
  • Intercompany account processing and reconciliation
  • Trial balance preparation
  • Close/management entries
  • Consolidated financial statement prep
  • GL account reconciliation
  • Variance analysis (ACT v. ACT)
  • Fixed asset, capital project,inventory,cost accounting & control
  • Unclaimed property (escheatment) processing
Order to Cash (O2C)

Invisor's end-to-end Order to Cash Service focuses on improving credit exposure visibility, optimizing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) levels and reducing costs while providing transformational business benefits. The technology components supporting our service are completely flexible, scalable and can be deployed rapidly. This reduces your total cost of ownership and improves cash flow forecasting with comprehensive compliance measures.

Our integrated system helps you achieve higher efficiencies in order management, payment processing and collections processes directly addressing the cost pressures and revenue leakages.

Project Accounting

Invisor's Project Accounting connects project activities with company financials, helps ensure accurate accounting and billing throughout project lifecycles, and streamlines time and expense management and provides extensive reporting capabilities.

Invisor's Project Accounting is integrated with the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales orders, purchase orders, inventory management and the employee portal

Taxation & Compliances

In global environment, tax for organization has become more complex issue with tax incentives, globalization and the upcoming tax code, rules and regulation. Invisor advise corporate to cross the hurdles of domestic and international tax operations, indirect taxation, compliance, reporting and also provide dispute resolution services for direct and indirect taxes.

One of the biggest challenges and greatest areas of opportunity for a multinational company today is effectively managing local and foreign taxes in a way that aligns with its overall business objectives and operations.

Other Services
  • Master data maintenance
  • Treasury and in-house banking
  • Sampling request processing
  • Costing/pricing support
  • Business intelligence/analytics
  • Initial process and system setup
  •  Reporting optimization
  •  Financial assessments &cleanups
  • Controls reviews and documentation
  •  Acquisition integration support
  •  Policy & procedures

Invisor Advantages

Transparent Pricing

We believe in simple, transparent pricing without any hidden costs that works for everyone.

No Legal Liability/ Compliances

Hence you don’t need to incorporate a legal entity to run your team with us, you can save lot of cost and effort regarding compliances.

Eazy Firing & Hiring

You are flexible to increase or decrease or replace your team as per your project nature, don’t need to bear any bench cost or replacement cost.

Immediate executing of each projects

Our turnaround time to build a team is less than 30days. It helps to save the lost opportunity of every short notice projects.

Zero IT/Office Infrastructure Setup Cost

Setting up a team in an IT park is expensive because of huge Infra requirement and investment, we build your team with our in-house facilities which fulfill your all requirements.

No Need to Monitor your team

Bearing the cost of an operations manager for Small projects is not feasible hence we have multiple projects you don’t need to worry by managing your team, our operations manager will take care of your team.

60% of Payroll Cost Savings

Helping CEO's & CFO's cut payroll costs by 60% in operational costs with an outsourced individual.

Zero Overhead cost

Our Virtual Office Solutions Save the capital and overhead it would cost you to have your own office while having a prime business identity.

Result Oriented Delivery Models

We offers flexible delivery models leaning on their experience and proven expertise with a focus on quality.